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    An Exclusive Platform for Women
    On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”
    Revaa Lifecare has launched
  • darkblurbg
    An Exclusive Platform for Women
    On the occasion of “International Women’s Day”
    Revaa Lifecare has launched

To Educate

Women on Health & Career

To Empower

Empower women by creating unique work opportunities.

To Earn

Explore the work opportunities and enjoy financial freedom.


Triveni as a concept is developed & supported by Revaa Lifecare, a decade old, healthcare company focusing on “Preventive Health Care Medication” with their world class Nutraceutical supplements. With our experience of conducting 350+Health Camps across India, we strongly felt the need to educate women &create Health awareness among them. Hence 3E’s.

“To Educate”- Women on Health &Career. “To Empower”-Empower women by creating unique work opportunities.“To Earn”-explore the work opportunities and enjoy financial freedom.

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” -Hillary Clinton..

Why TRIVENI is born ?

The hectic pace of today’s lifestyle is wreaking havoc on our health. More &more people are falling into the trap of various lifestyle diseases .To keep Lifestyle diseases at bay the key is to adopt the correct lifestyle by focusing on “Prevention” rather than on “Cure”.Revaa Lifecare precisely works on “Preventive Health Care Medication”.

According to a survey, 68% of working women in the age bracket of 21-52 years were found to be affected with lifestyle ailments, which is likely to increase drastically. Hence RevaaLifecare makes it a mission to educate women about health, empower them & create opportunities to earn & enjoy financial freedom.

What is TRIVENI?

Inspired by the success of 3 Indian women in Rio Olympics, we are proud to launch “Triveni”& dedicate this platform to all women who have achieved success against odds.Triveni is a platform created “Exclusively for Women “with the objective “To Educate, To Empower &To Earn”. Triveni will give every woman an opportunity to write their own success stories & make significant impact on their lives, society, country & the world.


Get recognized & learn from experts, Take your life & business to next level.

“TRIVENI” Women Empowerment Organization is a non-government, voluntary and independent organization, established on 8th March, 2017 which works from Mumbai-India, to consolidate women's role and ability in the Indian community through enhancing their Health, social, economic and cultural participation.

Health Awareness Program

To educate women of all age groups about health through knowledge based programs, designed to make them aware of various health issues.comprehenssive activities like city based meet ups, Audio-Video Shows, Info emails & expert’s talks will be organized with a mission to make every woman a Healthy Woman.

Preventive Health Checkup Camps

Our core focus being “Prevention is better than cure”, we conduct health camps for Preventive Check-ups on state of the art machines with free doctor consultation & advice on diet & supplements.

Diet & Nutrition seminars.

Seminars to educate on diet & nutrition help women for their family wellbeing. We organize audio –visual & interactive seminars to give great insights on Diet, Food & Nutrition. Online activities like recipe contests are run to exchange good food ideas.

Trainings & Workshops.

Thoughtfully designed trainings & workshops are conducted at various locations through trainers & AV presentations on skills development, leadership development, legal Literacy, financial planning, certificate courses.

Unique work opportunities.

To create unique work opportunities for women; to educate & encourage an entrepreneur within, you can have a choice of working full time, part time or as a freelancer & help other women follow your footsteps.

Easy steps to associate with TRIVENI

  • Register with us.
  • Fill up the wish-list form.
  • Apply for Suitable Training.
  • Choose Suitable opportunity.
  • Start working & live an independent life.

Come, let’s join hands together, become a member of Triveni& celebrate womanhood.
We also urge to all home based entrepreneurs, trainers, business women to join “Team Triveni”
to part your expertise, knowledge through our free seminars .
Get recognized & be a social icon.

Dedicated Support

Health Education

  • Know your Health
  • Add-Family wellbeing
  • Being Mother
  • Food & Diet seminars

Work Opportunity

  • Business Opportunities
  • Work from Home opportunities
  • Media & Networking
  • Online Marketing

Career Education

  • Skills Development
  • Career Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Goals & Time Management

Financial Support

  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Planning
  • Investments
  • Government Schemes

Much More Others

  • Redefining Beauty
  • Relationships Management
  • Addictions
  • Legal Literacy






Team Members


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