Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green tea and its prowess in tackling obesity.

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that are beneficial for health. Many studies have shown that Green Tea can increase fat burning and help you lose weight. When you drink a cup of green tea, you’re actually getting a large amount of beneficial substances with potent biological effects.

How green tea actually burns Fats?

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that green tea extract is one of the most effective metabolism boosters that naturally occur in a plant or herb. Metabolic rate is increased by 4 percent within a 24 hour time frame. Some researchers speculate that substances in green tea known as polyphenols, specifically the catechins, are responsible for the herb’s fat-burning effect. This occurs because Chinese green tea weight loss products release antioxidants into the blood stream and help burn fat faster than normal while at the same time helps the body absorb calories and convert them directly into muscle or energy.

It appears that the compound epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a powerful antioxidant that is responsible for green teas thermogenic properties (fat burning.) In addition, this powerful compound inhibits the growth of cancer cells and also kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

And if that’s not enough of a reason to consider the daily use of green tea a few other medical conditions that green tea will be helpful for include:

*High cholesterol levels

*Rheumatoid arthritis

*Cardiovascular disease


*Impaired immune function

*Tooth decay


*Liver disease


*Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

If you are serious about losing weight, even though you should not expect the pounds to melt off as some will claim, green tea as a complement to a sound nutrition and exercise regime may be your ticket. Not only will it boost your metabolism but more importantly it will give you a leg up in areas of many other documented health benefits.

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