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Does Green Tea prevent Colon Cancer?

Does Green Tea Prevent Colon Cancer?

Several large population studies have noted that people who regularly drink green tea have lower incidence of Colon cancer compared with those who don’t drink the brew.

Many of the studies suggest that a person needs to drink at least three to five cups of green tea per day to get that protective effect.

A 2014 green tea review concluded that green tea protects against several types of cancer, including colon cancer, but that’s not the same as concluding that it prevents cancer.

Green Tea and Cancer

Cell and animal studies suggest that green tea can:

  1. Cause cell death in cancer cells
  2. Inhibit the spread of cancer cells
  3. Suppress the formation and growth of human cancers
  4. Dampen inflammation that can lead to cancerous cell changes
  5. Turn on tumor suppressor genes in cells
  6. Reduce cell damage
  7. Improve cell-to-cell communication
  8. Regulate the cell growth cycle
  9. Provide cellular antioxidant protection

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