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Women Nutrition

A healthy nutritious diet energize every woman out there while maintaining their overall weight, preventing frequent mood swings during menstrual cycles and adding a glow to their faces to help them in looking their best. The nutritional needs of a woman change during their menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, while breast feeding, etc. A nutritious diet can help in reducing PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), coping with stress, maintaining proper fertility, making pregnancy easier and easing the menopausal symptoms.

Top tips for women to maintain proper nutrition:

1. Increase Intake of fruits and vegetables

Having carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and melons reduce the chances of breast cancer. Adding leafy green vegetables and fibrous food to the regular diet helps in increasing overall metabolism of the body.

2. Adding up on iron and calcium

Women generally lose a considerable amount of iron during their menstruation cycle. It is very essential to increase the iron intake by having foods such as spinach, red meat, almonds, lentils, etc.Moreover, women are more prone to have calcium deficiency, so consumption of calcium rich food viz. dairy products, broccoli, beans, sprouts, a must.

3. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol

Higher intake of caffeine and alcohol increase the chances of breast cancer, worsen PMS and also create hormonal imbalance.

4. Eating Breakfast without fail

A healthy breakfast keeps one energetic throughout the day and also maintains the body weight. Skipping breakfast makes one feel fatigue, energy-less and irritated throughout the day.

5.Avoid Junk food

Junk food can cause severe mood swings, increase in body weight and decrease in overall energy level.

A healthy diet and a stress free mind are the key factors to have a happy life. Women play so many important roles in their life& multitask. It is very important for every woman to make sure that all the nutritional values of food are gained by them in required proportion to stay active and healthy all the time.


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